Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Pom Garland

Our windows needed some Christmas sprucing up.
(on the cheap)
I've seen these all over the www.
So, i pulled out some left over yarn and got to pomming(verb? yes.)

and for some reason, we  have some green and red stockings...(thanks to whomever gave these to us/left them at our house/i stole them from)
they were in my christmas box and they are fun little spots of red and green in the house

so, my poms aren't perfect
luckily, i'm not "type a" and i dig the home-made look
or i'm lazy
does it really matter?

perhaps they'll stay year round.

murry chrimus



de said...

I LOVE the poms!!! too cute!

Rachel Johnson said...

So cute, Kate! Love them!

The Heart Mom said...

Love the pom decor. Feels very santa-ee and elf-ee.
Merry Christmas!