Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving week bliss

GT & I do the family swap for holidays.
This year, the Taylors have Thanksgiving and Kirbys have Christmas.
Next year, we swap.
Everybody gets some love

We love it. 
It's pretty wonderful that we enjoy the company of both families.

So, this Thanksgiving we were with the Taylors and it was perfect.
We started out by huntin' at their deer lease, Cut Off Mountain, in randomville, Tx

It was a perfect many ways.
1. I got to sit in the stand with my hubsters
2. Garrett killed a deer (in a crazy hunt, too)

3. the weather was ahhhhmazing. crystal clear blue skies, perfect temp
who says a deer lease is a gross-man-stinkin'-deer-gut-funky-place?

4. Riding around in the ole trusty Bronco(or not so trusty actually) with no particular agenda

The F-I-L

COM is quickly becoming one of my favorite places

Then we headed on over to the grand-parents in Georgetown,Tx
It was a washer playing, coffee-drinking, hammock-laying, magazine-reading, football-watching kind of time with a lot of visiting, laughing, cooking.

Getting the kitchen ready to make Gilly-Gilly.
I'll post the recipe soon.
Grandma said she's been making it every year after Thanksgiving lunch since '73.

Our "little" portion of the Taylor clan

Luckily, we're not credited as the smart portion of the Taylor clan.
Christas card picture????

The weekend was equally wonderful.
We headed on over to Huntsville, TX for some time at GTs parentals
Garrett was working on making an Eastern mount of his newly killed deer head.
If you've never smelled a deer head stinks.
GT serenaded us.
it didn't help the stank.

Saturday morning breakfast at Cafe Texan on the sqaure

slicked back hair and funnies
that's rite y'all


a perfect portrayal of thanksgiving football watching.
hook 'em apparently.

still full,

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