Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mamaw Lou had us over for lunch yesterday.
Beau enjoyed a rocker just his size

and swinging with his daddy
the swing has been the place of many naps for us kids growing up by the lake in Marble Falls,Tx
MML brought it back from their time living in Malaysia...i think
i love those swings

"outsiiiide" says Beau

hey there honey

Chili around the table
absolutely perfect for a rainy day

playing soccer in the house
no rules at mamaw lous

a staple toy at her house

and peanut butter ice cream cake.
he couldn't get enough

more Christmas presents!


discussing the hunting plans for the evening

tackling Pa


and kisses

lazy, rainy days at Mamaws are perfect

No matter how many times we are at her house, we always go through her photo books
She has kept a book for everyone and everything.
We are grateful for that.
We found this beautiful photo of her and my Pa
isn't his jawline so handsome?
She is classic

I love this picture.
There are hundreds more like it.

Thankful for chili at mamaw lous,

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Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

awesome blog sister and love fantastic pics from the new camera...love me some mamaw lou hang out time