Thursday, December 22, 2011

A few things

A few things 

1. I work prn(as needed) at the hospital. I get to make my own schedule. I highly recommend it. Therefore...some weeks I work a lot(and don't have time/energy to blog). Some weeks I can work very little and spend time with family for the holidays and blog! I'm thankful for both kinds of weeks

 2. Sometimes I hate being a woman. When I say sometimes, I mean 12 weeks out of the year.(sorry guys,but that's life) 

 3. Beau will be here Tomorrow!!!! 

 4. We still love our home 
and the fireplace

 5. I'm currently working on perfecting the art of fire-building. And GTs perfecting the art of patience with me whilst i perfect the fire-building art.
Both are proving rather time-consuming and challenging. I'm rather grateful for the latter. 
Luckily, our heater works well and we won't freeze in the meantime.

6. I've been training for this weekend.
Running 5 miles a day? nah
yoga 3x a week? nerp
eating everything in sight? you bet your bottom dollar
I'm fully prepared for the food that will greet me starting tomorrow night and am willing and eager to devour it.
Brang it on Holiday food. 

7. that'll do for now

here's to a night of Home Alone and pizza with my lover.
"'re girlfriend. Whoof"


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