Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NOLA bound: there's no place like Dome

A few weekends back we made a super quick trip to New Orleans.
We arrived late Thursday night and left Friday evening.

In less than 24 hours...
GT made his debut appearance in the Big Easy

Did a little sight seeing while walking through the French Quarter

buried ourselves in the powdery sugar goodness that is a beignet at Cafe Du Monde

saw weird/awesome things (referring to the car-man, not my cousin and her friend in feather boas)

had more family time at the Du Monde

walked the streets a bit more
They might look all sweet and innocent in this picture. 
But really...they were literally tripping each other. even Bella.
i think GT taught them. ain't he a good big cousin?

out of order(more Du Monde)

still more beignets.
but really...can there be too much???

made it to the Dome!!!!

watched Missy sing the Nation Anthem
she did awesome...with her boys on either side of her

and OCS won! 
(i stole this pic from someone on facebook...my b)

Our reason for the quick jaunt to NOLA was to watch my alma mater in the State Championship! 

Yet somehow, I seemed to document eating beignets the most.
ah well...would you blame me?

We loved our short little trip to NOLA.
I haven't been in 11 years and it was GTs maiden voyage.
We would love to explore a bit more of it in the future.


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