Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless wednesday: pirates and short hair?

have i ever mentioned that Norah Jones is my favorite artist?
she has been for years.

i love all of her music
i love her tone
i love her ability to play the piano

this is a great video and song
as all of hers are

i also love her haircut in this video
lately, i've been diggin' short choppy hairstyles

Pinned Image

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maybe even a bit longer?

Perhaps i'll chop off my hair.
Perhaps it'll stay long forever.
I can't decide, but love these shorter styles!

(all images found on pinterest)


Meagan Shack said...

I looooved my short hair. So easy to fix! I only wanted to grow it out for the wedding. The only downfall is you can't do as much with it. So I would keep it long enough for a ponytail or braid at least.

Lauren said...

My first drastic haircut was that exact Reese Witherspoon one. It was so fun and perfect! I also could still put it back in a cute pony. That is KEY.