Monday, July 1, 2013

something sweet for 16

i remember going off to college and telling someone that i loved Sadie so much that it hurt

we were inseperable from the time she was born.
 her mom, Korie, and I were the same way when i was little.
She is 12 years older than me and I am 12 years older than Sadie. They were the closest thing I ever had to sisters and we were/are tight.
When I was still home, before college, I toted Sadie everywhere I went. Just like Korie did with me.
i have watched her grow into the most beautiful teenager that adores her family and her God and treats everyone that she meets like a best friend. 
She is kind, gracious, tender-hearted and the real deal.
i could not be more proud.

So, naturally, i think she's the most awesome 16 year old I've ever known.
Apparently, i'm not the only one!
She had a shin-dig for the books to celebrate her Sweet 16.
 a partay, people!
(please excuse my pathetic attempt at photo-taking...iphone it was!
you can now enjoy incredible coverage of the party in US Weekly..wha what! or you can look on any form of social media for minute to minute photographic replay of the entire is the life these days)

before the party, GT and I took Sadie, John Luke and some friends out on the boat.
i'm not sure who enjoyed it more.
the kids on the tube? or GT trying to bring the pain while pulling them on the tube?

my absolute favorite part (because her party was all about me, right?) was that the Junk Gypsy gals decorated the whole entire party!
They did a phenomenal job and I don't even think I was able to see everything that they created.
They are writing about it on their blog, so go check it out here.

We were able to hang out with them a bit and they are just good people on top of crazy talented.
GT and I are looking forward to road trip to Round Top in the fall.
i loved being a part of the celebration of sister girl!.
She lights up our family and fills my heart in a way that only she can.
I know my kids will adore her and carry on our sweet relationship.
She is super sweet and now...sniff, sniff...16.

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emily said...

Looks like an ah-mazing party! Those girls on that "Sweet 16" show have nothing on this one!! :)