Thursday, October 31, 2013

halloween happiness?

Sunday afternoon-Judson is napping, i'm attempting to do some studying- we have no costume and trunk or treat is in 2 hours.
what's new???
this is how we usually roll.

i already had these black pants on and didn't feel like changing, so i glanced in my closet, saw a white shirt, a scarf, some glasses...WAH-LA! and a 1950's couple was born!
isn't my boyfriend just darling?

so cool

GT was out of town, so mom and dad helped me tame the beast for a few hours of trunk or treating at church. 

JR was getting kind of grouchy and I was like, "we're out of here" and then Will walked up and things got a whole lot better.
Judson turned that frown upside down and we got a few more minutes out of him
Thanks to an awesome big cousin!

obviously, he was thrilled about the whole thing.
that face seems rather familiar

oh yeah.

last year

so maybe Halloween isn't his favorite.

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emily said...

Very cute and creative! Gotta love "entertaining" cousins!