Monday, January 13, 2014

a haircut to remember...or forget

although we were all sad to see this go....
JR was slowly becoming a certified red neck.
see boots, suspenders, plaid and side-swept rattail.
(GT claims that he would've paid big $ for this rattail in the 4th grade. sick)

it was time.
time for the sacred first haircut.
if you haven't noticed, we're not too big on haircuts around our house
so, i haven't been too eager to pull out the shears.

but, it was time. 
GT insisted upon Judson getting a "real" haircut. the store-bought kind. 
Rather, he insisted on his barber being someone other than me. 
so, i obliged and he called up our good friend and former barber, Robert.
Robert is also the father and father-in-law to two of my good friends who are in town for a brief while.
so, we went to their house for dinner and a little chop-chop to the mullet.

my mom and sis-in-law were all "take lots of pictures"
GT said "did you get the camera?"
of course, of course.

well, the card in my camera was full and so, i got like 4 pictures.
strong work, mom!
great quality, too!

the following photos will demonstrate JR's love for being held down and having someone come at him with a sharp object.
the excitement of his 1st sucker didn't even help.
well, that went well.

probably gonna hold off on haircut #2 for a while

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