Thursday, January 30, 2014

a Taylor Christmas, a tad late

i've looked at these photos so many times, i simply assumed that I had documented the occasion on the ole blog.
that's what i'm get for assuming, i s'pose

As usual, celebrating with the Taylor crew was just perfect!
Per our little rotation, we were to be with my family this Christmas after being with the Taylors on Thanksgiving. But we juste hate to miss out on celebrating with GT's fam.
 So, we got together with GTs family a week or so before Christmas Day to exchange gifts and enjoy the season!

the only ones that flatter me and my desire to take couples photos by the tree
thanks Kimmy and Matt!

Del outdid herself again.
When we arrived, we had little Christmas baskets on our beds-complete with the annual Taylor Christmas t-shirts! and our favorite candy (DDP and sour punch straws for me, thank you! (followed by lots of Tums)).
she's the bomb mother-in-law!

the Taylors are a fine group of folks.
our time together is never wasted and is usually full of guitar playing, long talks, coffee drinking, cooking together, lounging, playing dominoes and lots of laughter usually at the expense of one another.

and a cute little Taylor Made bebe.

I just love this man o' mine.
and his family...i'm gonna keep them. 
they do my heart all kinds of good.

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