Monday, January 6, 2014

Life (and family) changes!

last week, the boys were gone for a few days.
GT hunting and Judson to the grandparents
at first, i wasn't too sure about the arrangement.
not in relation to what they were doing...that part was great!
the part where i wasn't with them.
that part isn't fun.

so, they were gone for a few hours and i sunk deep into single/independent life.
within the 3 days that they were gone,
read a 450 page book
re-organized our hall closet
put away Christmas decor
crocheted a few hats
did endless loads of laundry
cleaned the house (like real cleaned)
went to the movie theatre
did education stuff at work
shopped with my mom
drank an entire cup of coffee in one sitting- thrice!
baked lots of banana bread
and checked my pulse
and apparently, jotted down my hourly events...
(obviously, i'm on a break from school)

4 years ago, these are not things i would've done if i had a few days all to myself.
life changes
and so do our priorities
and our social life

prior to those few days, i had neglected our house.
in a bad kinda way
mostly because we had spent the majority of our time away from home with the Christmas festivities, only going home to sleep. and then i could ignore the complete disaster our house had become.

also, i had little to no energy to deal with it
all of my energy had been distributed among various things- grad school, Judson, Christmas and...

....growing a new baby!
say whaaaa?!?
Judson's thrilled.

new little bundle of love nuggets will be here (predicted) July 7th.
i'm 14 weeks along
3.5 months into this gestational thing
or 2.5 months pregnant
however you want to line the ducks up.

next year, out church directory picture will be redeemed by the addition of another little Taylor.
we arrived on time-that was the only good thing about this picture.
and GT's hair.
another dude or perhaps a little sister?
 less than one month and we'll know what kind of human we got growing.

we are obviously overjoyed with the gift of another life!
Judson has been so so good to us and if future babies are cut of the same cloth-we're likely to have 10.
we really like this gig!
God has blessed us immeasurably and we intend to raise the children He gives us to pass that on and be good to others, loving Him the whole way!

in the meantime, i'll be hoping for more energy and less heartburn and nausea.
here's to hoping for a life-giving 2nd trimester!


AshlieB said...

Big Congrats! Love the JOY you have of adding to the family. Pregnancy looks good on you :)

Children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a REWARD. Like ARROWS in the hand of a warrior are the children born in one's youth. Blessed is the man who has filled his quiver with them! Psalm 127:3-5

Audra said...

Congratulations on your growing family !! Judson is so so cute and I'm sure he will be a wonderful big brother! Hope you feel better soon!

Jil Dasher said...


emily said...

YAY Congratulations! So exciting!

(I'm just a few weeks ahead, so it's going to be fun to "follow" your pregnancy too! That was said in the least stalker/creepy way possible!)