Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas Day according to the camera phone (and my moms camera)

this was our very first Christmas morning in the parentals new house!
my mom, of course, out did her self and made the morning appear magical and so special for everyone
3 little boys sure make everything, Christmas undoubtedly!, better and exciting

3 years ago, mom and dad had my blog printed into a book.
thankfully, they have continued this and I now have the past 3 years in print form.
something i wouldn't necessarily do myself, but appreciate much!

Beau definitely scored big time!
He got his own little tractor and did not get off of it for more than 30 minutes over the next few days.

Judson got his own bean bag 
other than coveting Beaus tractor (we're working on this) he was rather content with this gift.

thanks to the awesemeness that is family, our Christmas Day was pretty great
sure, the gifts were fun to open and exciting to play with...
but, if we all just cozied up to the fire, drank some coffee and chit-chattted, i'd call it a good day.

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