Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thanks and baby things

from the 4! of us... 
...Thank you!
just for being so kind in your words of congratulations.
to know that we are not alone in our joy 
and to know that our babies are so well loved...
man! oh man! that just means so very much.
Thanks for the love
we are feeling it and send it right back at ya!

some facts on little baby Taylor #2:
the new kiddo and judson will be 20 months apart

i found out i was preggers when GT was out of town and kept it together

our niece/nephew is due July 3rd and our kiddo is due July 7th
July 3rd in our anniversary, so that week should be pretty awesome!

so far, little bit is growing right along schedule, looking just perfect!
i had a really rough labor/delivery and post-partum course with Judson, so my Dr thinks i should have a c-section. i refuse. 
typically, i don't like to talk about private (you know private) things on this space because my uncle and other men read this occasionally and i want to be able to continue to look them in the eye. so, i have chosen to not share the details on the world wide web. 
all you need to know is that i didn't care to see Judson for 24 hours after he was born. ok, maybe that's a stretch, but i was in so much pain, disoriented and uncomfortable that i preferred IV Morphine and sleep over my newborn. congrats to me on being a stellar new mother!
we've moved on. i healed. and although i DO NOT want to relive any of that (except for the part where i got my baby), i do not want to have major abdominal surgery.
so, there's that.

i'm not taking off at all from grad school to have this baby and i'm asking for lots of prayers starting now. and lots of forgiveness if i seem aloof/forgetful/nonfunctioning/anxious/tired/scared/asleep over the next 1.5 years.
and appreciate all help and babysitting offers.
seriously. but i'm kidding, but seriously.

once again, thank you for sharing in our excitement!
we are blessed with such good friends and praise God for giving us the gift of relationships!
you have been good to us and for that, we are forever grateful

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