Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This was our 4th year to hit up Vegas for the annual SHOT Show!
If you're up for a walk down memory lane, you can check out previous year here.
This year was short and sweet. Oh, so sweet!
I was there long enough to...
witness these clowns act a fool,

eat dinner with my boo and the DC/BC gang at my favorite steak restaurant EVER!,

Take awkward 15week bump photos in the elevator
GT already questioned my eyebrow raise. It's awkward...but documented, so...
Also, that day. GT looked at me, scanned down to my abdomen and said surprised, "whoa! You're pregnant!". A little late to the ball game. 
I love to eat out in Vegas so I'm thinking that contributed to the dramatic belly growth over a few short days. 

I also got to get gussied up and join my man at the Golden Moose Awards.
This is the awards ceremony for the Outdoor Channel, on which GT is part of a show.
So it's kind of a big deal.

And they won Best Host! 
And what great hosts they are!
All plaid, and all.

Another late, late, super late dinner but so incredibly delicious. Shared with good friends!

I arrived on Wednesday night and left Friday morning, but enjoyed every minute that included eating good, shopping for GT, visiting with friends, taking a long bath, reading, going on 2 dates with GT, walking a lot, visiting the DC/BC booth at the show, and even doing homework.

Most importantly I got to see GT and the Buck Commander crew get recognized and awarded for their work!
Next year, they are wearing stripes.

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emily said...

How fun! You look beautiful!