Wednesday, January 15, 2014

a quick friendtrip

Dallas never disappoints
I always leave feeling full in my belly, my heart and my soul.

My best gals still live in Dallas, where I lived for a few years after college.
I miss them lots and just don't get to see them quite enough.
you can catch up on why i love them and our escapades herehereherehere or here
that seems like sufficient evidence.

i drove to Dallas a few weekends ago for a short 24 hour trip and it was just too short.
but very worth it.

let's start off on the right foot.
the food.
i can not leave Dallas without a feast from Breadwinners.
a brunch will fill ya up for the whole day.

I originally went to Dallas to see White Christmas-the play at Fair Park with Lauren.
my sneaky iphone shot of the stage.
it was good. 
i mean, if you love the movie then this version will leave you a tad bit disappointed. but, for what it was good. 
i'm always up for a musical.
Lauren was great company, anyway!

before i scooted out of town, we all met up for a delicious pie at Scalini's.
the best.
so glad that I got to see Rachel, too!

all in all, i got to see all my people and that makes a quick trip so incredibly worth it.

as always, Kyla was the hotest with the mostest and Franklin...
how could i forget Franklin?

until next time Dallas...

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Lauren said...

We miss you Katelyn!!! We will come to you next...