Monday, May 2, 2011

hoppy late Easter

sorry, had to.

GT and i had an eggcellent Easter weekend.
can't stop myself.

We hopped on down to Huntsville to spend the weekend with his parentals.
that's all. promise.

We had a nice, long weekend there...thursday through sunday...and loved it. It was so nice to have 4 days with them. That extra day, the Friday, in the weekend was a perfect little gem that made the weekend just supurb.

Friday morning, we were hanging out at the house and I thought, and probably said (since most of my
thoughts make it out of my mouth before i can stop them) "isn't this just wonderful. it's only friday and it feels like a saturday...isn't that lovely?".

Thursday we drove on down to hear Jase speak at an outdoor event at the Taylors church. Well, actually it is Gods church, but you know what I mean. Since GT works with the Duckmen now, we got to help out and had so much fun with the people he grew up with. Jase did awesome, as always, and it was a great success!

Then, Friday and Saturday I had GT and his parents take me on a little tour of H-ville!
Jealous much?
It was great, seriously! There is a lot of history there...from the prisons to Sam Houston to the University to GTs elementary. I loved learning more about my mans hometown and hearing him recall old memories. It was a beautiful weekend to tour around, too.

a little blue bell at Farmhouse Sweets-n-Treats on the square. thank you very much. 

happy hubs in Tejas (did you know that is not Spanish for Texas...look it up)

my tooth hurts looking at this. so does my stomach. geez...i'm getting old. as if.

mi novio e familia (totally butchered spanish)

stay classy San Diego

we went out to dinner in the Woodlands. Love the Woodlands!

with some of our very favorite people.
 i couldn't post about it when i mentioned our weekend with them a while ago and now i can!
we can't wait for little Waldron to get here. that baby is gonna have so many hats.

don't rock the jukebox
especially this one. it's holding the wall up.

when is Garrett gonna learn that I make pictures known to the public?

see that flag? those are not shadows. that, my friends, is dust.
you heard me. this guys shop is absurd, yet wonderful. who knew?

our wedded mug shot.
prison museum tour. honestly.

hoppity hop Easter y'all 

Woodrow, put on your seatbelt!

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Korie said...

Love your blog as always and all your pics!