Friday, February 17, 2012

Around the house: fire day

Dad and GT had a big work day last weekend
I think they have lots of work days
but, this was extra intense
finally pulling up those ugly tree/shrubs by the house

manning the leaf burning piles

GT is instructing me on the proper way to burn wet leaves
thanks babe, on my way to full-fledged Pioneer woman

dad recruited some help in the form of John Luke and Reed
there was also unrecruited help in the form of Woodrow and Trigger

dad had the coveted job

the things you do for some date cash

isn't JL the cutest?
he's my oldest 2nd cousin (i think that's what he is to me, my first cousins son)
He's 16 and we are all having a hard time adjusting 
he drives, he dates, we're dealing

there was a lot of fire that day
fire in the fireplace
fires outside
fire in the firepit at mardi gras
i still smell like smoke
there is no better way to cope with the cold 

happy weekend,

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