Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunday Portrait Series: a cold day

Do you ever have those days where your eyes won't quit watering and your nose is persistently red?
This weekend was crazy cold. And we spent quite a bit of time outside
Once my eyes start watering in the cold, they have a problem stopping.
So, this was the weekend of watery eyes and red nose and questions like, "are you ok?" "you look like you've been crying?".
Nope, just hate the cold.
I was made for Louisiana summers.
Did y'all know that Fossil made clothes?
hello! Perhaps i'm behind the times.
We visited their store while in Nashy and I was smitten.
The clothes are lovely and perfectly up my alley.
This dress was a find on clearance and I adore it and it's versatility.

Also, thank you Woodrow for your gigantic head making the photo.

happy weekend eve friends,


Janelle said...

Love the dress and the shoes!

Kate said...

Thanks Janelle!