Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: a lovely lil' playlist

Robinella and the CC Stringband
I burned a CD in college and named it "Kate". brilliant!
(of course I burned a jillion CDs in college and they were named ridiculously)
But, this CD in particular was and is one of my favorites.
It's good.
Robinella is on that cd.

Keb Mo
I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this guy before.
This song makes me happy.
It's on the slideshow of me and GT that we showed at our rehearsal.

Please tell me that i have shared this gem with you?!
Dreamy, dreamy vocals of Amos Lee.
Before I left for HUF in 2005, mom bought me my first ipod. It was a pink mini and I still have it. 
I loaded like 100 songs on it because I simply had no idea.
That summer in Florence, trying to sleep in a room with 7 other girls, i'd put my earphones in and be lullabied (yes, it is a verb right now) to sleep by this song. 
I know it talks about the arms of a woman, but i'd ignore that part and melt into this tune.

Susan Tedeschi killing a Bob Dylan original.
This song has been covered by everybody and their mom
But, I like this cover.
Susan Tedeschi is one of my all-time fave woman vocals.
She can sing.

Kyla and I first heard this song at an Over the Rhine show in Dallas.
I was smitten.
Just a great little jig.

Enjoy some music today
Music, Sweet Music
Happy Wednesday,

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