Monday, February 6, 2012

A night at the Factory

Mom, Jamie and I spent the weekend in Nashville for a womens conference.
Mom was a keynote and she did awesome (more to come on that later)

We were busy at the conference Friday night and Saturday, but had Saturday night to do whatever we wanted.
We enlisted the help of my bro, Josh, an ex-Nashvillite. 
He hit the nail on the head when he suggested this place.
nestled in Franklin
We loved this place

luckily, few people were around
Jamie and I tend to get carried away when we're together and have a camera

hello chandelier!
a perfect rustic elegant blend

i bought one of those stoves
rather, i wish

recommended, for sure

sitting on the couches at Pottery Barn is a fave past time of ours
ordering large quantities of dessert is a fave as well

i love any time i get to be with jamie
it just makes it better when we get to do things that we love

i'm still trying to recover from those 3 desserts

happy monday!

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