Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A day for lovers

Two years ago today I was thrilled to celebrate valentines with my fiancé. We were getting fancy and going dining. Woodrow had just become ours. I was giddy. I was planning our wedding. We were soooooo in love. We were infatuated with one another.
Today, I am thrilled to have another day loving my man. We are giddy and soooo in love. Crazy, but I enjoy his company more today than I did two years ago. We are more fluid as a couple. We jive. I honestly think I would absolutely crumble if I had to be without him. I'm not sure I felt that way two years ago. Sure, I loved him. But I really had no idea how love could grow. No idea. I need him.
God has blessed me beyond measure and knew the desires of my heart before I had any idea.
I am confident in the love of my Savior and my husband.

Happy valentines day to all you lovers out there. May you find the true unending love that comes from our Father, for it never fails.

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