Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunday Portrait Series (the return)

Remember when I made this promise?
That didn't last. I should quit promising things that I know will not happen.
But, here we go again.
An effort to resume the Sunday Portrait Series.
I can count the previous ones on 2 fingers, 2! 

(adding a tripod to my list! i'm laughing at how ridiculous it is that i'm making GT pose for a camera that is on self-timer sitting on our trash can with the bright sun on our faces and awkward posing)

I love having a Sunday with my boo! Even though they are very rarely a day of rest. 
At least we are together all day, for the most part. 
His beard has grown since the last Sunday Portrait post.
I should write a blog specifically about his beard and the comments it receives.
My favorite, "your beard has a high thread count". and yes, it does. It is excellent.

this man.
love him.

he added that star to the barn.
ain't it cute? 
don't let the smoke and fire startle you.
it's a smoke signal. GTs attempting a rescue from my over-active camera.

happy friday eve friends, 

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