Friday, February 3, 2012

Around the house

Another week has quickly passed.
How come the weeks go by so much more quickly the better life gets?
I wanna yell, "everybody STOP, this is the good part"!
As I say often, we are blessed. 
Our schedules are overly busy, but we're doing what we love.

we had these again this week
or maybe it was last week? 
Either way...they were legit, once again (so was my dinner date)

a new flavor flave
the Volcano  has been my obsession/go-to scent for a while now, but Paris is a pleasant change 

still enjoying our built ins and displaying my dishes and what-nots
i'm already scheming about displaying our books some day
thanks, previous owner, for these lovely built ins
my ideas(via pinterest, obviously) for this space are endless

love looking at this cutie patootie on the window by my desk while i study.
those shorts! 

the rocking chair from Mamaw Lou in our living room for now
super coze

GTs been playing the git-r more and i am diggin' it

hoping you have a blessed weeks-end,


Rebecca Gibbs @ gibbgabb said... me some Volcano...I'll have to try Paris out.

Rachel said...

I love that your Ghana painting is up on the wall! And omg, those enchiladas - that recipe is awesome and I need to use it again because the dish was so good. Miss chu!