Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Portrait Series: monday

Happy Monday friends!

Yesterday threw us some refreshing sunshine!
Us Louisianans start complaining on, like, day 2 of cold weather.
I'm super pumped to post about our great weekend! (minus the studying,duh)

We did our own, gender-respective activities Thursday through Saturday morning.
I was in Dallas with my girlfraaaans and GT had his boy-eee, Kevin, in town at our house.

Of course, we missed each other the whole time.
(barf, i know)

also, these guys

Last night, we sat on the couch with our laptops
GT to work on budget/taxes/finances.
Me to work on my Theory class homework.
American Idol was to be on in the background.

You all know exactly what happened.
We sat quietly doing our own work.

He read me funny stories from about college coaches
I read funny blogs, looked at Pinterest and watched hilarious videos

luckily, i know we're not alone
unluckily, i still have homework and we still owe taxes.

brang it monday.
i'm about to show you what's up



Morgan Smith said...

Love reading your blog:)

Kate said...

Thanks Morgan! I feel the same way about your blog!