Monday, July 8, 2013

8 months

little Judson Ray
closer to 1 year than your actual birth
the last 8 months have been overwhelmingly good and each day gets better
 you are a happy baby
you get upset when you are frustrated because you can't go where you want to go
which is EVERYWHERE, especially where you're not supposed to be
 you are pulling up on any-and-everything
you try to let go to get to something else, but hit your bum then crawl where you need to be
you would rather get a power cord or tube of diaper cream than any of your toys
going outside/watching the dogs is the cure-all if you're bored or frustrated
you are starting to climb and i didn't realize this until i found you on top of the dishwasher
you climb up our bodies when we hold you
 you look SO much like your daddy to me
you love when he comes home and anytime you get to see him
you have grown pretty attached to your mama, but i suspect it won't last long.
i think that you are too busy and active to stay in one phase
(couldn't resist taking the photos in a footed sleeper. they might be my favorite) 
you make me laugh with your hilarious noises and ramblings
you say "dadadadada" and "bababababa" and not mamamama..........oh well
you know who certain people are when we say their name
you are very attentive and don't miss a beat
you have found your voice and like to make it known
you sleep great at night (roughly 12 hours) with a few off nights every now and then
you are taking 2 naps a day with the occasional 3rd if needed
you are eating meals with us now, consisting of whatever can be mushed or liquefied or gnawed on
you are pretty much over baby food and so am i, it seriously is really disgusting

you continue to intrigue us with your daily developments and hilarious expressions
you are so good to your dad and me
you give us a lot of rewards
you always greet us with a big smile and some type of corresponding noise with arm flapping
although, you are too busy for hugs once you actually get to us
a cuddly baby... you are not
but happy, excited, hilarious, sweet, full of life & most certainly are

you light up our life daily
you fill my cup hourly
we delight in your life and are thrilled to watch you share it with the world

happy 8 months sweet, crazy little Judson Ray

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