Friday, July 12, 2013

a quick photographic update

this actually serves as a personal reminder to elaborate on each of these in their own respective posts.
now....moving on.
in case i haven't mentioned it....this kid is cray cray
all over the place
trying to buy a phone the other day, i had to pull out the full arsenal, everything including the kitchen sink
he was super happy, just busy and so so so curious
as GT says, "we can work with that"
love his little spirit

i mean....
come on.
the cutest, right?
the nephews were in town last week/weekend and we lived it up.
more to come.

the nephews brought their parents with them, so we went out
they were taking the picture. obviously.

a little last minute trip to Huntsville a few weekends ago
i'd do it again
i don't think the g-parents would mind

celebrating the 4th
one of the best to date
(except for that time we watched fireworks from the Bahamas!)

uncle Joshy is kickin' it in West Money for a bit, awaiting his doctorate program to start in Dallas next month
we're pretty pumped about it
(he might hate me for this picture, oh well)

cheers to Friday!
i'm feeling overwhelmingly blessed today.
along with that....a little bit of guilt.
have you watched the news lately?
just the local news?
good grief.
im trying to balance my blessings with hurt of this broken world.
trying not to tip the scale too far either way.
how do you do it, maintain balance?

here's to a beautiful day
hope yours is the same

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