Friday, July 19, 2013

come monday

sweet, sweet Seredipity
GT and I were set up a Jimmy Buffett concert
We were married on a July 3rd

Jimmy Buffett was scheduled to play in Shreveport on this July 3rd
Our 3rd anniversary 
the grand opening of the Margaritaville casino

what, what!
it gets better
the peeps over at Margaritaville contacted GT, wanting Willie to come to the show
so, we tagged along. Naturally
and called it an anniversary!

Thanks JB!
p.s. he is a little dude. little bitty.
and just as jolly as you'd think.

We were all brought on stage to sing his encore song guessed it...Maragaritaville.
i was not prepared
i had always dreamed of this moment (not Marg'ville, per se) but, my on stage- rock n' roll moment.
with a tambourine in hand. always a tambourine.

then, it happened.
and i froze
they even handed me a tambourine
i might have squealed when it was given to me

i always thought that i'd rock out with that tambourine.
shake it in a big circle then beat it against my hip along with the drums
well. given the opportunity and i did anything, but that.
 i just did the closed-mouth smile and left-together right-together dance move, lightly tapping the tambourine against my leg.
(Update: I did harmonize(this term is used graciously) with Mac Mcanally. I'll call that a win!)

in all our glory

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