Monday, July 15, 2013

food, fun and fireworks on the 4th

and lots of photos, so hang on.

lots of food
lots of fun
and plenty of fireworks
and fellowship with 
lots of friends
and lots of family

lots of lots
we are blessed

lets get past all the wish-wash that are words and get to the goods.
Judson Ray loved his bandanna. as predicted.
it stayed on for a mere 4.9 seconds (long enough for a pic)

we celebrated the 4th at my cousins with an smorgasbord of food
the Daraja Childrens Choir joined us and were so sweet
they loved playing on the water slides and even sang a few songs for us
it was a very special 4th for our family

the Daraja kids stayed the entire week out at Camp for a little retreat from their busy tour schedule.
Judson, Bella, Korie and I went out on that Wednesday and had dinner with them and visited with their leaders and played a little with the kids.

one of the Ugandan teachers is named Peace
when we arrived at camp on Wednesday, she scooped Judson up before I knew who took him.
he loved her
he spotted her across the table at the 4th of July dinner and instantly started reaching for her
it was pretty sweet

 their little moves and voices left us all cheering and grinning

after letting the pyros loose, the fireworks began!

before the Daraja group left for the night, we all sang together and released these lanterns
it was really really beautiful

video here
and loads of photos and more video here

we are free
free to love
happy 4th (errr..15th) of July

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