Tuesday, July 16, 2013


if i'm being honest here
1. i'm ok if you judge me for letting my dog lick my kids face
it's worse at times
and i think this picture is one of the best moments i've ever captured on the iphone

2. i've quit following some people on instagram that i don't know (who i just followed creepily to look at their awesome grams) who make me jealous
jealous of their perfect homes
their super cute kids
their incredible photographic skills
their super fun day-to-days
their outfits
you know.
i just quit.
i had to. i was wasting my time
time wishing i was cool like them

3. my new favorite tv show to dvr is Trisha's Southern Kitchen on the food network
yes. Trisha Yearwood.
yes. that's the one.
i love it.
she sings accapella
she makes me laugh
she has good, easy recipes
there you go.

4. after Judson goes down for his morning nap, the extent of my laziness is astronomically embarassing.
some days i am super motivated and can clean the entire house, organize our mail and built a pyramid in those 2 hours.
other days..........coffee and Trisha

5. i haven't blogged so much lately because i don't have a reliable computer.
im on hand-me-down numero dos.
mine bit the dust, moms bit the dust, now i'm on brother-in-laws.
it's great...but slow, so i have to gather up some crazy amounts of lazy energy to upload pictures and write about them on the ole blogosphere.
you feel sorry for me, don't you?
i thought so.

happy tuesday fine folks,
that's all i got.


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