Tuesday, July 23, 2013

celebrating, honoring and remembering

one of my very best of friends since birth, Jenna is celebrating her 28th birthday today.
she is now a mom of the cutest twin girls you have ever seen.
seriously, they are.
she is in her prime and doing a beautiful job of raising sweet girls
(apparently, i am fond of obnoxious head-gear)

She is celebrating it by spending time with family.
not that she wouldn't do this on a normal birthday, but today is different.
Today, they also buried her granddaddy, her dad's dad.
Just 5 short weeks ago, we buried her Mamaw, her mom's mom.
so much loss.
in such a short time.
but there is hope, hope in the ressurection of Jesus.
this gives her family peace, in knowing this world is not our home.

Her granddaddy, Mr.Owen, was in the military and served his country for 25 years.
My Papaw Shack was also in the military. He was a marine.
Both men served their country and loved it with all of their being.
As we honored Mr.Owen at the graveside service today, I remembered my Papaw.
I thought about him as the service men fired off the 3 rifle volleys, as they played Taps and as they handed Mrs.Owen the flag, so beatifully folded. With such honor.
I also remembered him as I stood next to his grave.
The two men are laid to rest, right next to eachother.
i don't believe there is anything more sobering than hearing this played by men in uniform.

today, we honored Mr.Owen and said good-bye to his earthly body.
I remembered my Papaw as I stood next to his grave.
and we celebrate Jenna and her 28 years.

there is a time to celebrate
a time to honor
and time to remember

it's humbling (and rather emotional) to do all three in one moment

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