Friday, January 27, 2012

Around the house

It's a great Friday morning to be thankful and appreciate the little things around the house.
fresh new flowers in a mason jar
(typically i don't do pink or purple...but hey, we're quickly approaching the month for lovers)

eating good makes me feel good
why can't i remember that while digging into the Blue Bell?
on my way to all-natural eating 
this looked tasty...we'll see

little Trigger
he's a goodun', that little feller

a wonderful gift from my mom. isn't it lovely? 

an unmade bed and lights that are never coming down

an old framed mirror used in a new way to display lotions and fragrance
GT says i'm a Pistol Annie because I have rifle cartridges next to my perfume

Some days, it's all about the little things

Happy Friday folks,

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