Thursday, January 26, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

I think that my favorite thing about Vegas is the food

and the great company

and the fun

and random encounters with random famous people in their suite

The reason for the jaunt to Vegas was the annual SHOT show
GT was super busy meeting with different sponsors and various people in the hunting/outdoor industry.
and i tagged along

The Golden Moose Awards were held at the Hard Rock Cafe
It is the annual Outdoor Channel awards show
As previously posted, Duck Commander won the Overall best show award!

Korie and Willie did an awesome job on the acceptance speech
i might have cried i was so proud!

the Golden Moose

Zac Brown Band followed the awards show and they did not disappoint
the fiddle player is my fave

incredible musicians
that dude can play

last day breaking down the booth
(i helped, i promise)

isn't this place beautiful?

how did they create this perfect recreation of Venice inside? inside!

my desk for studying while GT worked
perhaps it wasn't used as much as planned. i tried. honestly. 
studying in Vegas might be one of the silliest ideas i've had. 

next time, i plan on hiking some and exploring the landscape

Vegas by Instagram
Kor and I before the GMA

the room with the view

night view

Korie and I spent Thursday afternoon shopping.
We did some damage (p.s. we didn't buy these shoes. we'd both be 6'15")
I love spending time with Korie and feel very blessed that we get to travel together!


lovely creme brulee at a burger restaurant

limo ride with the BC crew
they won 2 awards at the GMA!

business meeting? it's whatevs
i'll take the sushi

Honestly, i'm glad to be home.
It's always fun to get dressed up and eat great food in super legit restaurants.
We're incredibly blessed to do what we do. I recognize that and try not to take it for granted.

Here's to another great year at SHOT!

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