Sunday, January 8, 2012

the (long and overdue) Christmas post

This is where the phrase, "better late than never", comes in handy. 
Although Christmas waved goodbye over 2 weeks ago, I am still downloading and organizing the photos.
There were gagillions of pictures taken by me, my mom, sis-in-law, cousins, aunts, dogs and their moms. 
I have tried to gather them all because I love to document our life.
and Christmas is a HUGE event in our family.
Pictures at Christmas time are not a joke around these parts. 

Most of these were taken with my iPhone and moms good camera, as most of these events took place before  I received my new camera from my love!!!!
Love him.

My mom is one of 6.
I am one of roughly 40 grandchildren, grandchildren in laws and great-grands to my Mamaw Jo.
Mostly all of us live within 10 minutes of eachother.
We all get together for 3 days of festivities.
It's a shin-dig folks.
It ain't for the faint of heart.
We cook more than we can eat.
And eat more than we can handle.
We are blessed more than we deserve.
Except my Mamaw, she deserves all of it.

Here are the collages of the events.
Hold on to your horses Newt, she's a rearin'(name that movie).
Cookie decorating at Joneals

All of the kiddos gather around my moms tables and layer on more icing than should be legal 
(cause it sure ain't edible).
my mom has been hosting this event for years and every cousin has gone through the phases.
phase 1: icing and sprinkle overload to your hearts content, usually licking more icing than gets on the cookie
phase 2: attempting to be artistic with your cookie and impress everyone
phase 3: make a half-hearted effort because your'e too cool to decorate cookies with the little kids
phase 4: hang out in the living room watching tv and eat the cookies
phase 5: don't even show up
phase 6: you have to show up b/c your kids are now in phase 1

Christmas Eve brunch at Mamaw Jos

Mamaw Jo is the perfect southern belle.
She's tough as a boot, but always looking beautiful and perfectly put together
She's poised, polite and can hold her own.
Always has fresh cookies made.
And can cook your socks off.
She's ready for anything at all times.

Every Christmas Eve, we all gather at her house around 1030 for the brunch from heaven.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Biscuits, casseroles, grits, fruit, coffee punch, orange julius, bananas foster, french toast, sticky buns, get it. 
After she cooks and serves it all to over 50 of us, she gives us ALL gifts. 
and not just any ole gift she just picked up at Walgreens, but great gifts!
A few years ago, we started wearing moms old Christmas get-ups. We won't stop.
This year, GT won. There's really not a contest, but he won. Whatever it was, he won.
He did it on his own. I'd never make him look like that.
Moving on...

We all go to our respective homes for a few hours, then reconvene.
This year we had a Christmas Eve service at church and it was wonderful!

Then we met up again for... 
Christmas Eve at Chryssys

Chrys and Johnny, aunt and uncle, have everyone over for a night of eating(duh), games, entertainment, gift exchange, Santa and whatever else happens.
When i was little I loved dancing with my cousins while everyone else sang.
Also, preparing my entertainment for the entire year for that one night.
Now, its fun to watch the little cousins and Beau do the same!
We're always delightfully entertained by the kiddos, this year was probably the best. 
I'll let you see a few reason why.

Aevin singing a classic by his favorite artist!

The Robichaux kids and their awesome choreography!

Christmas morning at mom and dads

This year was so much fun with Beau-man!
He loved his new train table and i'm sure he is dreaming about it while he's away.

Mom and Dad had my blog printed into a hard back!
Isnt' that so cool?!
What a great idea!
It encourged me to keep on keepin on with this blogging thing. To keep documenting our life!
Thanks parentals! 
We all had an awesome morning and are all quite the gift givers.
We are beyond blessed!
I thank God daily for my earthly family and the life I was born into. 

Beau man has brought us so much joy!
I adore being his aunt and find him to be the funniest, happiest and easiest going kid around.
Mostly, he's silly 

Christmas Day lunch

More food, as if we needed more.
Everything was beautifully and thoughtfully prepared.
Then recklessly devoured.
I'm afraid...that will never change.

I wish we had 3 days of family time every month.

I thank God for Christmas time.
Time that is focused on family.

We are able to have that time because of the birth of our Savior.
Glory to God in the Highest! A new King is born!
Praise be to our God for the everlasting life that was promised to us by the birth, death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus!
For it is in Him, not my earthly things, that I have hope and a reason to live.
Although, my earthly family is my world, Jesus is my life for now and evermore!

Merry (late) Christmas post!

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