Thursday, January 26, 2012

watch out!

Jake and Beau came in for one night a few weeks ago on their way to Dallas so Jake could interview for a job! Go Jakey! I mean....Dr.Jake.
Hey, we'll take it.
Even though they were only in for a few short hours, Beau was on the move.

I love this age.
He is so active and interactive.
He loves, i mean LOVES to laugh.
He loves anything with wheels...trains, cars, trucks, tractors. you name it. 
it has wheels? he'll take 2. 
He is on the move, you gotta watch out.
Never know what you'll see comin' round the bend!

Then I had to move. 
I was in the way. obviously.

Love me some Beau-man.
I wish so badly that I could just play all day, everyday with him. and nap.

counting down the days til we play trains!

aunt Kate

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