Monday, January 2, 2012

Cut off Mountain and pup

*warning: picture overload*

For the last month or two I've been on the lookout for a blue heeler pup.
GT wants one.
See, our little lad Woodrow..remember him here, isn't so much a watch dog or even a yard dog.
I've kind of made him soft around the edges.
If a stranger drives up, he's likely to hop in their truck bed or drop a tennis ball at their feet.
We're in need of a yard dog.

GT grew up with heelers. He also grew up raising a variety of animals.
  Heelers are what he knows and likes, i reckon.
Now, don't get me wrong. He loves him some Woodrow, but not for looking out for our yard and barn and what not.

So, no luck on finding a pup for my boo for Christmas morning.
But, his dad found some the day after!!!
This was actually better b/c it allowed GT to be a part of picking the right one.
Here in lies the problem.
He got 2.
Yep, 2 puppies
He brought them to Cut Off Mountain for the New Years hunt so we could pick our pup.

"Seriously, just one!", i cried.

they belong together
yin and yang
we gotta take em both! gotta!

So we carried on with our weekend of hunting.
4 of the Taylor men.
Love me some Taylors

GT started it out by killing a doe

But, really. We all just loved on the pups.
Even Grandad

He told the boys that they had to have the deer cleaned by the time he finished his cigar
I think they won.
There were 2 of them after all
(for those of you who aren't familiar with deer hunting..
cleaning a deer means guttin',skinnin' and quarterin' the deer. basically getting to the meat)

racing the cigar

men at work or something like that

meanwhile, i played with these dudes

and photographed the mess out of em

seriously...they even intertwine their bodies. we must have them both!

then Garrett had to play 

We all went back out to hunt for the evening 
 I got down from the stand early to catch the sunset
Sure, my priorities are a little out o whack. But did I mention...i got a new camera!!!!!
So, do you blame me??
So...back at the ranch

cozy cabin

Now. Time to celebrate the New Year!
My wonderful F-I-L took us into town to the Ranchers Steakhouse & Grill.
You bet your bottom dollar we celebrated in high style.
I even put on my nice boots
Then we all proceeded to fall asleep before 10. 

The next day, New Years day, brought another doe kill by the B-I-L.
and lots more pictures 
and lots more puppy time!
handsome boo
can you see him in his camo?
(sorry, had to)

Under Armour model anyone?

beautiful Cut Off Mountain

lack of shower and makeup. yikes!

GT is being very patient with me and my new camera

with the BIL

sometimes they just need some straightening up



gotta watch the kick there Gare Bear

caught 'em.
they were all being patient with me and the new camera. Thanks guys!

good ole' cabin

The late afternoon was my favorite.
We took the Bronco out for a spin around the lease
Perfect day listening to music, riding around with my man and BIL, great weather, easy convo.
my kind of fine

These guys were loaded up and we drove to Huntsville to spend another day with the fam, watching Bowl games!

How to choose the right pup?
I'll follow up in the next post.



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I have no idea how you would choose! They are both so stinkin' adorable :) Thanks for the "cliffhanger"...