Monday, January 16, 2012

a name for the pup

Our littlest pup is fitting right in!
He is already the perfect yard dog, staying close by at all times. Even when Woodrow runs off.
We shall soon nip them both in the bud(if you know what i mean) to help keep 'em both close! 

The pup loves to sit by your feet, hence the name "heeler".
I think that he's particularly fond of my dads boots. 

He's also trying to be the head dog, forgetting that he's 65 pounds shy of his rival.

Not going so well.

these two are still bffs
busy keeping the meanies off of our property
regular ole starsky and hutch

We spent a week calling him everything from Scratchy, Puppy, Dude, Nugget, and various other terms.
So, we finally agreed on a name.
Actually, GT came up with it.
See...our little friend shares a birthplace with Willie Nelson. 
GT had a good time with this one, as the names associated with Willie are limitless.
After calling out name after name, he finally landed on the perfect one.
the name of Willies guitar.
Wearing his new collar proudly

our little Trig.

fits just perfectly.

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