Sunday, January 29, 2012

Omelette in a bag

First off. 
Is it omelet? or omelette?
does it matter?

Moving on...
We meet Sunday nights with our house church/small group. Each month we meet at a different house.
Which is a nice little rotation so that each family doesn't get stuck with cleaning up, prep, etc each Sunday.
This month is at our house! I absolutely love having everyone over. Seriously, i love it. 
It also gives me a reason to clean my house weekly. Because honestly, i need motivation. 

Each week, we create a food list with an overall theme and everyone brings their contribution to the table.

Last week, we made omelets!
Hello girl scouts!
I think it was JoErins idea...or Mirandas. Either way....genius!

Here's how it's done:
 throw some eggs and whatever else you like into a sandwich bag

label your bags if you have multiple people
(note GT$'s)

scramble by mushing on the bag
yes, mush 

drop them all into an already boiling pot of water

everyone can hang out while their eggs are cooking (12-15 minutes)
even do some muscle man modeling like Tommy (no clue!)

then take the baggies out of the water
looky there folks, it's an omelet in a bag

tump 'em out on a plate and enjoy with your friends!
they're a little different texture than the skillet kind, but still tasty (the omelets, not your friends)

add some biscuits and coffee to the mix and you're good to go!
wouldn't these little things be perfect for camping???

I highly recommend them for a group. We'll definitely repeat that meal with our house church.
Have I mentioned how much I love our group?
It's amazing how encouraging it is to meet with the same people weekly, share your heart, your joys and study the Word. 

Now, go scramble up an egg in a bag.

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{av} | {long distance loving} said...

HOLY TOLEDO! This is amazing! I'm not sure if it's omelet or omelette either--but regardless, they look amazing and so great for a group! I wish we had a church group like that, for multiple reasons. I would definitely have a reason to clean ;) and I would love some more friends in our neck of the woods! so happy to have found your blog! xoxo {av}