Friday, March 1, 2013

10 things

1. my hair is falling out. i've heard this can happen after having babies and then when nursing.
Add to this that Judson grabs my hair and won't let go for the life of him and I am going bald.
Our house will soon be covered in hair rugs. ew. Sick nasty.

2. i love our home. And wish not for hair rugs.

3. putting boots and jeans on a baby is not one of life's easier things

4. sometimes i look forward to a stoplight as it allows time to check Instagram. i mean, it has probably been at least 4 minutes since i last checked it.

5. this face makes me so very happy

6. GT bought me a robe for christmas and it is wonderful and feels like my own skin and i wear it all of the time sometimes until 4pm and looks like a lumberjack

7. we're working on a budget. i threw up in my mouth. these two are one in the same

8. I haven't worked out consistently or at all, except for twice, since pushing a baby out of my body in a really traumatic way.
Mainly because of lots-of-really-great-reasons.
The other night I planned on going to spin at 530. Gt would come home early and I'd be on my way. I was so excited all day long. It was like waiting to go on a fun trip. Not joking. It was a good burn

9. a frequent conversation on days that I don't work at the hospital
GT: "how was your day?"
K: "good, how was yours?"
Gt: " good (paraphrase). What'd you do today?"
K: "................................." followed by a blank stare .
I.  have.  no. idea.
"well i fed Judson". ".................................." "and he took some naps" "........................."

10. we drove to Shreveport the other night to see Jason Aldean.
it was 1.5 hours from home and i missed Judson lots.
i also loved being with my man. he's a good date. he takes good care of me and makes me feel special when we're in a crowd. he's also a lot of fun.
many reasons why i started dating him in the first place.
the show was pretty good, too.
the commander crew at the show + Deejay Silver
Jason's also a Buckman (in case you didn't know)

happy weekend guys and gals
make it a goodun'

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