Thursday, March 28, 2013

WNRE: today

i just can't justify dropping 56 bones on a toy
but ain't it cute?
and i just love their names

sweet Judson to sleep again
(and maybe a hair washin' for me?)
we were going along just great...sleeping like a champ and then i don't know...
perhaps he's teething, perhaps it's learning to sit up, perhaps it's the tide
poor little guy is having a hard time staying asleep

as previously mentioned, most of my reading consists of pharmacology and pathophysiology for health care providers. real leisure reading stuff here
but i do love me some blog reading
i don't have to commit to finishing anything
i can catch up anywhere, anytime (nursing) on my phone
usally can find something light hearted or heart wrenching
mostly i love a good story (send me a link if you got one!)
i'm thankful for this not-so-little blog world

and let me tell you one more thing
it's crawfish season booooyyyysss!
we had our first batch at our house the other night and it just got me geared up fo mo!


Lauren said...

I love blabla dolls! I used to sell them and from what I saw (mothers in a panic, asking for a certain one that got lost or ruined..they're worth the $56 bones!) If you don't want a big one you can get a smaller rattle one for 20 something or other.

Did you ombre your hair?? It looks amaze balls and I'm thinking about doing mine.

And there are my random comments...

Kate said...

Poor mans ombré... grew out my roots