Friday, March 8, 2013

4 months

4 months little Judson Ray!
you are so much fun
really, you are so sweet and so happy

and you are a busy, busy boy!
so far, this is my favorite age
You are just the best baby
Your dad and I constantly remark on how good you are
We think you might be the best baby there ever was

You have mastered rolling over both ways and sleep on your belly now.
in the last month we have gone from complete swaddle to the one arm swaddle to a sleep sack and now nada....just you and your jammers. purty cute
You love to stand while holding our hands

You ALWAYS smile when you see your daddy.

You got your first ear infection this month. super duper sad
You handled it like a champ. instead of being fussy, you were just really solemn and just wanted to sit in a lap. super sweet

You don't really take a paci anymore. I think that you figured out that nothing comes out of it
You "talk" all of the time and I love your voice
You are in size 3-6m clothes, actually it's alot of 6month clothes for the length
You weigh 15lbs 11oz and are 25 in long (75th percentile for both)
You still LOVE being outside
you also love to watch basketball
no matter what-if you're fussy and we put you in front of a bball game on tv or take you outside -you perk up!
you give hugs and kisses (sloppy, open mouth ones)

you and your Pa are buds 

we went to the rodeo with him and you were very entertained
you're also losing all of your hair
all you have left is this little rooster spray right on top

you reach out for EVERYTHING that is in front of you and usually put it in your mouth 
such focus and concentration
at your 4 month check up
your Dr said that you were "advanced"
holding your head up, good posture, very strong
quarter back in the making!
or whatever you want to be

we love you little monkey!
each day, you bring us more and more joy
God has truly blessed us

being your mom fills my cup daily

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Rachel & Larry said...

He just couldn't be any cuter!