Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Marriage Retreat

I have tried to write a post that captures the weekend that was the Marriage Retreat.
I can't do it.
Too many photos, too many stories, too many lives changed, too many laughs

this video does a nice job of showing a bit of what went on and the great people we shared our time with

(i also love this song)
I'm so thankful for weekends like this where we can focus on our marriage
We need it
we all do
there will never be a time when we have given our marriages enough attention 
Marriage is hard
but it can be oh, so good

i promised GT, at the retreat, that I was going to give him more attention than Judson
whoooo.....that is hard
i love my man. i really love him. but babies can take every single last drop of who you are. they just take it. ok, i give a lot of it too. i do adore my little guy alot. 
sure, Judson is more dependent on me and really does need more of my physical time
but, i always want GT to know that he is my priority....even over our kids.

sometimes, it does take weekends like a retreat to remind you of your priorities and your commitment to one another.
it's a great time to be with other couples who want a great marriage that honors God.

if you noticed in the video (0:46), we brought Judson.
my own mom and dad started this mrriage retreat roughly 15 years ago and made a rule that no kids were allowed.
then they had a 3 month old grandson (who is nursing) and wanted their daughter and son-in-law to go.
so, my awesome in-laws drove to Arkansas to help with the baby while we attended the sessions and enjoy being withour friends!
i hope they didn't mind

pretty sure they were ok with the arrangement

and Judson loved getting some love from his Grammy

i can't wait until next year!

(I realize this is anything but wordless)

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Sarah Jenkins said...

I never realized until the picture of Judson with your in-laws that GT kind of looks just like his Dad!!!