Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Birthday for 2

Happiest of birthdays to my mom (yesterday) and Aunt Chrys (today)!
now that they are both in their 60's (crazy! i know), they seem to be speeding up and getting more beautiful..
their plates are full and their schedules are tight, but they glow each step of the way.
they both delight in serving their families and sharing each second with a grandkid (or kid if they have to).
these sisters are out loud and on purpose about their mission to raise families who love the Lord and honor Him in all that they do.
they both have radio shows on the local christian station and share their gift of speaking/book writing with the world.
here's the links to their ministry pages: Chrys & mom

if ever there were a sister duo that could do it all...this is them.
they never tire
they always look gorgeous
they are ready to serve 
and always prepared to host a party, or a family, or a youth group, or a house church, or a teen church, or a ball team, or anyone and everyone

before i go any further about mom and her sister, i think i should give credit where it's due 
Mamaw Jo and Papaw Shack

aren't they something to see?
what a handsome couple!

my mom and aunt Chrys are 1 year and 1 day apart.
never before have i understood what this could have been like.
during the 1st year of Chrys' life, my papaw was overseas
my mamaw is something else!
(they also raised 4 more-including a set of twins!)
now, i get it. as a new mom...i get it. i have no idea how she did it.
but, she did it and she did it perfectly (i'm confident in that)

you don't produce such fine women without doing something right.
i'm truly grateful for the people that i call "mamaw" and "papaw".
they showed their kids what it meant to honor God, respect and love others and always be ready to serve.
because of this, their kids are living the same life.
and their grandkids
and many more generations to come.

so, a happy happy birthday to two of the best women I know!
you both have set the bar very high for me as a mom and wife....thanks, i think


The Heart Mom said...

Ah, Kate, thank you my sweet, precious daughter. You are my delight! I love what you wrote, especially about Mamaw and Papaw. They are awesome parents and have excelled at being amazing grandparents. I love you much and appreciate your loving tribute. You're the best daughter in the whole world!

The Heart Mom said...

I don't know what I need to do to have my comment show up on your blog?