Monday, March 11, 2013

a {great} afternoon in the life

last friday...
...i knew it was going to be a great day
GT left later than usual for work so we had a wonderful morning together

after some naps and feedings, we headed outside for the afternoon
it was a beautiful day 
progress on mom and dads house creates all-day activity around our house

we found Pa at the barn with our life-long friends, Donna and Rusty, who are helping make-over the barn and work on the new house

Pa  heads over (with dogs in tow) to check on his house progress
so we plan on bothering him later

Judson Ray is meserized by all of the work going on

Trigger supervises
making sure the workers stay on task

Judson stops to give Woodrow a face-lick
or the other way around

we interrupt Pa and Tony's house update meeting
they surely didn't mind

Judson makes some decisions regarding the fireplaces and Pa rewards him with a head kiss 

the rest of the afternoon is spent walking around the property and hanging out wtih the dogs
just waiting on daddio to get home

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