Friday, March 29, 2013

a very fine texas weekend, indeed

i take alot of pictures.
i know this
sometimes i like to blog with few and sometimes i like to blog with a lot
this is one of those "a lot" times

once again, we had an awesome weekend at the Taylors
it's always great. always.
GT and I both know that when we go to his parents that we will get to rest and just relax.
we also get to do a good bit of chattin'
it's the good stuff

the weekend was full of sleeping in (thanks JR), home-cooked breakfast, walks with the fam, bare-back horse riding by Kimmy, golfing for the boys, dinner with friends, backyard wiffle ball, making Judson laugh, front-porch sittin', guitar playing and enjoying being together
let's just enjoy the smorgasbord of photos, shall we?
i think i will

completely normal

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