Saturday, March 2, 2013

around the house: a nook

As we have added on to our house, rooms have been transformed
(someday i'll get around to showing the new bathroom and guestroom)
the little nook in our bedroom has changed just a tad
pictures from before here

now, it really still serves the same purpose
collecting junk 
a quiet space/sewing space/craft room/storage/reading nook
i love every thing on this wall

pinterest inspired reading nook/ lots of storage
an Ikea shelves and old crib mattress collaboration

sewing table

currently, it has a pack n' play and some clothes in it.
can't even get to the window if i wanted

i do love the little homemade window seat and someday i plan on plopping my bod down and reading and taking a decent nap. someday. 

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