Monday, March 4, 2013

his ring: a saga

before we got engaged I was living in Dallas.
 GT came in town one weekend to play in a flag football tournament in the DFW area and to see yours truly.
I had to work all weekend so it worked out that he was playing football.

So, i'm at work just doing my thang on Saturday.
I get a phone call.
GT "which hospital should I go to?"
hold the phone. say what?!?!
don't just call me up all casual and ask which HOSPITAL to go to!
after i chilled out, he told me that he hurt his finger and it probably needed some attention.
then i received this text
ya think so?!?!
his ring finger, mind you.

soooo.....long story short
he pulled it back in place and avoided the hospital all together,
he avoided any treatment, whatsoever, actually (against better advice, i'm sure)

so then we got engaged shortly thereafter and i started thinking about a ring for him,
his finger was still huge-mongous with no hope of ever returning to normal.
we decided to just get an non-expensive, large ring in hopes that his finger would return to normal eventually and then we would get a nice ring for a normal sized finger.
it didn't happen for almost 2 years!
this past year, his knuckle finally returned to normal and his ring is constantly falling off.
i hear it clinking around the sink/floor/car/driveway/everywhere all of the time.
almost daily, we say that we'll get him a new one
but, i forget

this brings us to a few weeks ago when I was minding my own business and heard a flush from the bathroom followed by an "oh my word". i talked about that instance here

i thought it was gone forever.
no biggie...he needed a new one anyways.
he wasn't gonna let it go.....

 i was sitting on the couch later that night and GT went into the bathroom.
a few minutes later, he tossed something next to me on the couch and exclaimed  "ah hah!"
i looked and quickly realized what it was and politely (ha!) told him to get that nasty, toilet water-soaked ring off of the furniture and my leg. 
he was less worried about the nastiness and more happy that he had rescued his ring from the deep darkness of our guest bathroom toilet.
it was sanitized to the max.

still, he needed a new ring.
i forgot. again.

here we are...this past saturday
(i promise-there is an end in sight)
GT is working in the yard, "piddlin'" as he says
raking and burning leaves
later on he comes inside and lets me know that he thinks his ring has gone to burn-pile heaven
i'm ok with it. once again.
he's not.
but, the piles are on blazing fire and although he would like to keep the ring for sentimental value, it's not worth his hand being burned. smart guy.

saturday evening after the piles had simmered down to ash, he went in and rescued this beaut
i think it's done.

he gone.

it now resides safely on our bathroom counter
and i am ordering him a new ring this week. seriously. gonna do it.

perhaps it will serve as some metaphorical reminder about how marriages can go through fire and down swirling drains and still come out whole.....
you like that?

or perhaps it will just remind us to buy a ring that fits.


AshlieB said...

oh goodness this happened to Jordan (the finger situation) from his years of jamming his knuckle in football. Our options were an arthritic ring (no thank you) or a ring that fit over his knuckle but was way too big. We went with a ring but after a year he ended up getting a ring tattoo. It's just a plain black looking ring on his wedding finger. I kind a like the thought that it's there forever! His "wedding" band is so large it could be mistaken for a napkin ring. Literally

Jessi said...

Nick lost his in the lake back in June and we've been basically unmarried since then. Ack. It's time.