Friday, April 12, 2013

Can you hear me now?

1. Our Internet isn't working. The storm came through and our wireless is acting a fool. Sounds like a circa 2001 problem. I get too frustrated too easily to figure it out (i.e., be on the phone for 288641 hours with AT&T). 
So I'm posting from my phone. Tediously typing with three fingers. (first world problems) 

2. some things GT says

Following some conversation about who knows what. 
Kate: "I'm not as uptight as I used to be"
GT: twenty minutes of laughter. "aaahhh....honest evaluations of ones self. Not as uptight as she used to be. Judson, Aren't we thankful?" 

Via text this morning 
GT: "the blog world is starving"

He's the reason I blog. Honest. He daily tells me to "feed the people, Kate". I guess he refers to himself as "the people". 

3. Our dogs sleep on a dog bed in the laundry room. They stay outside during the day. (read: they are stank nasty) I woke up during the crazy storm the other night to our blue heeler trying to get into our bed. What!?!? Nah nah son. I understand he was scared, but no way. Back up. I love 'em, but I also love not having nasty dog all up in my bed. The end.

4. I can't get over this pic of GT and his sibs from the ancient vaults. 

 A few things: a) cowlicks b) that tie reminds me of Seinfeld c) Kim's bangs, we all had them at some point. bless her d) thankful that Ty is holding onto that water pump e) our children are going to be ginormously tall 

5. I locked my keys in my car this week. We were leaving a ball game early because JR was tired and hungry. We had to wait 40 minutes for pop-a-lock.
 I now know what mom-guilt is. 
I also know what it's like to nurse Judson in my dads truck in a school parking lot. Cool, huh? No? 

6. This lives in my house now

And so does the furniture. Hahahaha, I'm so funny. Seriously.... I love this piece. 
And the furniture, too. 
Hahahaha. Ok I'm stopping now. 

Cheers to a beautiful weekend!

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Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

Katiepoo, I read your blog daily! GTs not the only! You keep me in the loop of our family, JRay, and all the WM happenings. Keep it up sista.