Thursday, April 25, 2013

half a year

if the second half is as good as the first half....
...then this year with Judson will be a chart-topper.
except for, maybe, the first 2 months
he was great, it wasn't was, um, me?
let's be honest and admit to how much i love to sleep
so the first little bit was a haze and i rarely left the couch
not saying they weren't sweet and precious and all that, but girl!(and boys..if there are any of you out there reading),  i was tired.
a blessed kinda tired. but tired.
but, i'll do it again someday and i'd like to think i'll be more aware of the world in the beginning stages of baby-dom.
we'll see, someday.
as for now, let's just raise our glasses and toast the little guy and his 6 months of life.
it's a beautiful and happy life.
and i am so, so grateful for it.