Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: memory lane

Tomorrow, i will remember the day that changed my life.
It's amazing how, at one moment, you are going in one direction with your life. full force. no doubts.
then, in one day, it can completely change...forever.
cliche as it may be, this has happened to all of us.

of course, April 18, 2009 wasn't as dramatic as i've made it sound.
it was actually a pretty chill and relaxing day.
a little tail-gating and music. a good time (a little story to come about how good times taylor was born)
tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of the day i met my man.
I love to remember this day.
It really was so much fun.
I remember feeling so many emotions towards the situation
excited, but reserved
hopeful, but cautious
willing, but hesitant
I was being set-up and wasn't sure what would happen.ooooohhhhhh those butterflies

We've been a pair since that day and I have not looked back (except for that one freak out moment a few months into dating!)
 I'm all in. He ain't gettin' rid of me!

So, I raise my glass to Jimmy Buffett every year on April 18th!
and Lauren and Patrick.... our dear match-makers.

enjoy some JB today 
and this is hilarious


April Jackson said...

Chris and I are huge JB fans! We were actually at the same concert for our 4 year anniversary!

Lauren said...

Best matchmaking I'll ever do! Love you two so much.