Monday, April 29, 2013

random links

1. Martha Stewart is 71. I could not believe this number.
2. My new favorite blog. things i like about it: her house, her garden, her chicken coop, her photography (!), her sweet kids, her creativity. ok, so i want to be her.
3. wishing for this guy or something like it to enjoy the evenings outside with my guys
4. this is hilarious...i laughed out loud at the portrait reveals. it is based on the Dove real beauty sketches
5. i would like to make these for gifts sometime
6. well, isn't this outdoor vanity just perfect
7. thinking about this 'do. Sheryl Crow makes it look good and i'm thinking about cutting off some length
8.  i love broadway. i do. and these chicks can saaaaaang.
9. Judson really is a great sleeper. but, sometimes...just sometimes, afternoon naps make me feel like this
the end.

1 comment:

The Heart Mom said...

are you kidding me?
You are that woman. minus 4 kids.